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Maintenance Solutions

Voltage UK have a responsive maintenance department available 24/7 to react to electrical emergencies, covering up to 200 miles from our CF11 postcode. Our qualified inspectors and testers are also on hand to ensure your installation is safe. We offer Landlord Certification for your rental portfolios along with regular testing of communal areas, including emergency lighting testing.

  • Supporting Managing Agents & Landlords It is a landlord’s responsibility to ensure the property and appliances are safe for tenants. Our experienced inspectors can perform a periodic test on your electrical installations and provide a comprehensive report, including any faults uncovered. An inspection will find potential electric shock risks, fire hazards or defective electrical work and highlight if any circuits are overloaded or lack earthing or bonding. VoltageUK can rectify any faults found ensuring your property is certified safe.
  • Fire Alarms & Emergency Lighting It’s now a legal requirement that every business in the UK has a fire alarm. You are also required to get your fire alarm serviced and maintained on a regular basis.

    UK Fire alarm testing is nowadays a priority for running a safe business in the UK, along with fire alarm commissioning. With so many different fire alarms on the market, it’s important that you do some research before investing in one. The best fire alarm system we offer is one that is inter-locked into your electrical system for power, with a battery providing back up power. This connection also enables the alarm to set off all of the other alarms in your building should an emergency happen.

    Smoke alarms are a real lifesaver in emergency situations. Despite this, there are still thousands of people who don’t have them installed. Smoke alarms are easy to install and maintain. This simplicity is causing a rise in popularity.
  • Testing & Inspections VoltageUK offer comprehensive electrical test and inspection services. A periodic Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) is required by all businesses in order to be provided with an EICR certificate.

    Electrical installations deteriorate with age and use and can become dangerous over time; our inspection will find potential problems which could put your business at risk. Including potential shock or fire hazards, defective wiring, circuit overloads and lack of earthing or bonding.

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